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Monday, December 26, 2011

One-Trick Pony

Not everyone is blessed with the depth and breadth of the Renaissance man. Often, a person may only have a singular talent, skill, idea, or gimmick which is clever but, like the one-tricky pony of early America, is not enough to build a world around. A circus needs more than one act.
However, in New York City, with careful husbandry and aggressive marketing, one can cultivate even the most singular ideas and make a splash. In some cases, entire careers can be built around one trick, like the Naked Cowboy. Others, who are less ambitious, more interested in casual fun, or just want to enjoy the occasional limelight and ego boost can enjoy a degree of notoriety. Characters often frequent regular events or become neighborhood institutions - the proverbial big fish in the small pond. People like Spike or André, for example, are household names in the Village.

Recently, after my annual pilgrimage to Fifth Avenue to visit the holiday window displays, I caroused Rockefeller Center, with its skating rink and the Christmas tree. Before leaving, I encountered the Candy Man, completely outfitted in a wardrobe decorated in Nerds candies, including sunglasses. He, like many others I have spoken to (such as Mark Birnbaum), cite the pleasure and happiness they bring others as one of the primary reasons they make public appearances.

In a Christmas season with commercialism and gift-giving gone wild, what better gift to give others than a moment of joy, even if that of the One-Trick Pony :)

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Mary P. said...

This guy a precision craftsman. You ought to hire him, Brian.

Steffe said...

You have to like the Candy Man.

biebkriebels said...

He looks great, I like his outfit.

Thérèse said...

Very smart!