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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Santa's Corner

It certainly is spectacular, isn't it?

On Sunday, after my excursion to the Garabedian House on Pelham Parkway North in the Bronx, I decided that I would again go all the way to Bayside* to see what has been said to be the finest example of Christmas illumination and ornamentation of any home in Queens and, to some, the finest in all of New York City. The house is located in Bayside/Whitestone at 166th Street and 23rd Avenue, an intersection sometimes referred to as Santa's Corner.

Although the display is certainly over-the-top, I found the lighting more elegant and tasteful than that of many well-known Christmas extravaganzas found in places such as Dyker Heights or the Garabedian House. The front of the Bayside home is broken up into three sections -Toyland, the nativity, and music land. The side of the house has animated cartoon figures.

The owners are extremely congenial, allowing visitors access to the entire property, including the porch, which sports various displays depicting wintry Christmas activities and figures. Santa himself was, of course, represented. The owners provide music, and as I perused and explored the displays, my meandering was accompanied by the Beach Boys classic, Little Saint Nick. See my complete photo gallery here.

On my return to my office on Monday, I suggested to my office manager, a Queens resident, that she may want to visit the spectacular home. Interestingly, even though she already resides in the borough, she immediately responded, "I'm not going all the way to Bayside."
There's something about Bayside, Queens, that elicits the phrase "all the way." Even a spectacular Christmas display is apparently inadequate to lure some to making the pilgrimage. Not even for Santa's Corner :)

*On November 27, 2009, I wrote All the Way, a story about a confrontation between a store manager and customer, who insisted she be let in before the shop's opening hours, defending her need for special consideration because she had come ALL THE WAY from Bayside, Queens.

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Anonymous said...

So beautiful!

Missy said...

Hi, just dropping by, the house is really indeed spectacular, the owner did a lot of work just to show off their Christmas lighting and their creativity to put up all those displays.

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glenda said...

Wow!!! Over the top. Loved the video. Thanks!

Mario Hemken said...

Hi Brian, please let me know which camera did you used for this xmas shots. Did you make them handfree and which iso did you used? Many thanks, enjoy your blog since many years.
Mario from germany