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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Extreme Snoozing

I have met a very small number of people in my life who are so relaxing to be around that their character is a soothing balm and to be with them is like basking in the warm sun. There is typically a tone of voice that is part of the overall soothing quality. Their character is so striking and disarmingly easy that one just wants to be in their presence. I can easily bring up the names and faces of the few in my lifetime who I have found to be this way, such as Su Jung, whom I wrote about in Friends (see Part 1 and Part 2). Do you know such people?

One of them is Evan, the last of the beat generation. Evan is a native New Yorker, born and bred in the streets of Manhattan and the beaches of Brooklyn. The real thing. He loves the ocean year round and still lives in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. I spent a lot of time with Evan in the late 1970s. My home in the city was an open forum, like many of the New York City sitcoms such as Friends or Seinfeld, where there is an endless stream of friends who travel in and out of apartments without a need for invitation. Homes where loneliness appears to be unknown.

On one occasion, I was with Evan and a number of others in my apartment in the Village that I shared with my girlfriend. At one point in the evening, a group decision was made to go out. Evan and I declined the invitation, preferring to sit in my home and chat, as we were inclined to do.

As the evening went on, I became more and more relaxed, as was usually the case with Evan. Our friends returned and, unbeknownst to us, we had both fallen sound asleep, sitting opposite one another in our chairs. It should have been embarrassing, indicative of boredom with one another. But in reality, it was just the application of the soothing balm that Evan wields, much like the hypnotist who easily casts a spell, one so strong as to be able to put someone to sleep.

But Evan is more than a sleeping companion. He is a colorful character and has been involved in a pursuit that, for some, has a similar effect as his signature balm. In Part 2, you will meet Evan and see what he and his peers are so passionate about, but what, for others, is just another way to induce Extreme Snoozing :)


Anonymous said...

Heartwarming post Brian, looks to me that your friend Evan may have the eye of a chess player and the hands of a musician.

Victoria said...

friendship is a gift. We have to take care of our really good friends. When we are kids we think we´re going to meet wonderful people every time, then we found out just a few of them really connect with us.
We are very lucky if we know that and find interesting people, that people we share the sense of humor, the silence and the words. sorry about my English. beautiful pictures and blogg!!

Goa said...

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Kendigram said...

Oh my gosh, Brian, Evan! AKA the Count!! Wow, he actually looks the same. I agree with you so much, he is such a special person. I was wondering what had happened to him and it is good to know that the Evan Payson I know is still the same gentle and passionate character that I remember him as. I would love to see him again.

SH -ic said...

I red your comment when I saw the oic .. and I looked on it for a long time .. as when this foto tells so much stories.. and than I red your comment ..and I agree..your english is better than mine .. and nothing is to be added? .. well thanks