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Monday, February 06, 2012

Joe's Dairy, The Movie, Part 2

Vincent and Anthony Campanelli were extremely cordial throughout my initial encounter (see Part 1 here). I asked if I might be able to film the mozzarella-making process. They only requested that I return on a day less busy, so on Wednesday, February 1, at 11 AM, I came armed with cameras.

A moment in the kitchen quickly explained why they do not entertain drive-by shootings. The cooking area is miniscule, with barely enough workspace for two people and the cooking equipment. I was most impressed by their cook, who toils 10 hours per day making only a handful of movements. I told him that he should be sainted for his ability to do this daily for over 5 years.

Everything is done by hand - very old-school. When I saw the cook drain water by hand, one small pot at a time, I asked why they might not install a small pump. I was told that nothing was going to be modernized in any way. If you're looking for stability in a world of change, visit Joe's Dairy.

Enjoy the Movie :)

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Thomsd said...

These videos are great. It's amazing get a sneak peek into the back area's of stores like these. Thanks a lot

Steffe said...

Great that they have decided to do it the old traditional way and not change anything.

Rigel said...
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Rigel said...

Thomasd - Thanks. We are trying to incorporate more video into this blog to offer more insight into daily life in New York.

Steffe - We may be capturing some of the last remnants we have of Old New York.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog and especially ones like this one.

Enjoyed the comment about the Irish. Thanks.

I´m Irish living in Germany.

Keep up the good work.