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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pirate, Part 2

When I arrived at the Sailors Snug Harbor (see Part 1 here), it was late afternoon. It was quiet, with no rush or crush of visitors. I was virtually alone on the 83-acre property. There was a sense of authenticity, much like Richmond Town, another historic site on Staten Island which had come as a huge surprise to me.
There is collection of historic buildings on the site, however, time was fleeting. I made a quick tour by car, parked, and walked to the Noble Museum.

I approached the entrance of museum, reading the posted hours. There were only fifteen minutes before closing. Ringing the bell was required for entry. An elderly gentleman appeared. Rather than admonish me for being so late or turning me away, he appeared quite easy, letting me know that I did have fifteen minutes.

As I explored the magnificent building and pristine exhibits, he accompanied me for much of it, a private tour of sorts. There was still adequate natural light for photography, and in fact, it was close to the magic hour, the photographer's and artist's most desired time for imaging.

The Noble Museum has three floors of exhibits - I flew up and down stairs, down corridors, and in and out of the various rooms. There was much more to visit, and I will go back. And if this is the lifestyle one can expect being a "privateer," I'm going to be a Pirate :)

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Simi said...


Can I just say I absolutely love your blog! A true insight to the state I love so much

Simone (uk)

Anonymous said...

Hellen said: You found a pirate!! Only you Brian. What a great story.