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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just Like Them

On Sunday, I was with friends hooping in Washington Square Park. The park was jammed, as is always the case when Mother Nature bestows on New York City the gift of unseasonably warm weather. At times, we felt besieged by parents with strollers and double strollers. It felt like we had entered a new era where children come only in pairs. I have never had children, however, I am not a childless adult who is militantly anti-children with a shopping list of negatives to bolster my case against them. I wrote about this at length in The Last Taboo.

At one point, two girls rushed up to us, proclaiming that they too could hoop. In seconds, Angeleena (5 years old) and Victoria (8) Cordero began to hoop furiously as the hoops became objects caught in the winds of two small tornadoes.

I was charmed beyond comprehension by these two little girls, so much so that I approached them and their mother and told them that if they would like to come to my showroom, I would custom make them two hoops for free in exchange for taking photos and videos. Their mother readily agreed as the girls squealed in delight. The question remained whether they would actually show up and take me up on my offer. They did.

Yesterday, shortly before 6PM, the two girls and their mother arrived, and my showroom was lit by the charms of Angel and Victoria. They immediately went into gear hooping as I scrambled with my staff to fire up our video cameras and begin recording:

As small as they were, they were capable of hooping any size and weight hoop that we had in our showroom. We narrowed down a size and weight most appropriate for them and then let them choose colors. A short time later, my production team completed their new hoops. So well behaved and appreciative, as they jumped for joy receiving their gifts, they simultaneously thanked me profusely while giving me the most genuine thanks and hugs a child is capable of.

I could no longer resist the charms and kissed Victoria on the head. They made my day. I told them that I never had children, however, if I were to, then I would want children Just Like Them.

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Anonymous said...

Hellen said: Brian this is one of your most outstanding postings. Those two young ladies, who just happen to come from my hometown The Boogie Down Bronx, are incredibly talented, well mannered and charming. Bravo Brian for gifting them with hoops. You never know where your inspiration will lead them in life but I'm certain that your gift will be forever respected and treasured.

Anonymous said...

That was fun!

Leslie said...

Bri, I don't know who's cuter...the adorable little girls OR YOU!!! You were incredibly sweet and generous with them and I'll bet they will remember this day always. :-))

Mary P. said...

A pleasure to read! Wonderful gift! You'll never know how much you did for them!

llum said...

Brian, you're so sweet with these cute and tallented girls. You make me smile . Thank you.

electric scooters said...

Sunday is best time to get relax in this busy life. Your little girls look very beautiful and so cute. Both are doing great work.