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Friday, March 16, 2012

Luck of the Irish

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, and in reviewing my postings going back to the inception of this website, I was surprised to find that I have neither done a St. Patrick's Day feature nor attended the St. Patrick's Day parade.

More surprising was that the very first posting of this website was on March 17, 2006, on Vesuvio Bakery, a New York City icon (closed and reopened as Birdbath Neighborhood Green Bakery). How absolutely bizarre that until today, I never realized that 1) the anniversary date of New York Daily Photo was St. Patrick's Day and 2) the choice of the distinctive green exterior of Vesuvio Bakery for my very first posting was never intended, but entirely accidental. In six years, no comment was ever made about the green color of the bakery's exterior and use of the photo on St. Patrick's Day.

My company also decided to pay tribute this year on our business blog. Our social networking consultant has, on occasion, been theming our product line for various holidays. The bottom photo is his interpretation of the classic Irish shamrock created entirely by selecting green colored juggling props from our product line. Our thanks to Kyle Petersen for his design and execution.

Although my understanding has always been that my ancestry was entirely French, my first name is Brian, one of the most popular names in Ireland. The choice was never adequately explained by my mother - there was some rumor of a strain of Irish lineage. Perhaps the rather fortuitous occurrences surrounding the inception of this website on St. Patrick's Day, the serendipitous choice of Vesuvio with its bright green facade, and the reopening with Green in the bakery name is somehow all related to the Luck of the Irish :)

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Leslie said...

Happy Anniversary to You!!!

You and your blog are a gift to humanity! ♥

Anonymous said...

Happy St. Patrick`s Day and also Happy Anniversary.

I love the Shamrock.

Rosemary, living in Germany but
100% Irish.

Camilla said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day! On this day everybody becomes Irish:):)The best part..St. Patrick's Day Parade NYC!

Big Tavel Adventure said...

The bakery looks so inviting.
Happy aniversary.

electric scooters said...

Happy St.Patrick's day. I like both pix so much. Your bakery looks nice and beautiful. Its too good post.