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Sunday, April 16, 2006


In the USA, there is a big connection with Easter and candy, especially chocolate in the form of eggs and bunnies, jelly beans, and marshmallow Peeps. This candy store across from Bloomingdales was customizing candy baskets today, and was very crowded with families and children (interior photos here). Peeps are a strange American phenomenon and we hoped to photograph a nice display of them, but even though they were featured prominently in their window display and ads, the shop was nearly sold out, as are most stores just before Easter. So we continued our quest around town to find more in other likely places, but there were very few left to be had. We eventually tracked down a handful of lonely boxes of traditional yellow ones closer to home. So if you want to see them in their full splendor and read about their history, click here.


Karine said...

Ahh this is great Easter picture. I especially like the huge chocolate (?) bunny in your last picture. This is an impressive commercial attack for Easter sales.

Sam said...

Oh, that is terrific!!
So funny - you know, a few years ago peeps were out of favor - you could hardly give them away, lol. Now they're in fashion! Wonderful marketing - I wonder who did it??