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Saturday, April 15, 2006


The Sony Building on 550 Madison has a giant cold air inflated, very realistic Spiderman in the act of crawling on the glass enclosed atrium. This is a public space inside their corporate building, but also feeds into their SonyWonder Technology Lab site, geared mostly for kids, where they showcase computer games and other technology that Sony intends to debut in the near future, interactively. Sony did very well with the Spiderman films, and many feel that they are the best comic book superhero films made so far. They had very serious writers, such as Michael Chabon, and some Oscar award winners on the screenplay, and of course how can you miss with Spiderman as the main character. They plan to do a total of five or six, so it seems that Spidey will be in place for the foreseeable future - here's a link to the next one, Spiderman 3 - which is sure to have a lot more good shots of NYC from the viewpoint of someone scaling skycrapers as necessary.