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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Statue of Liberty

This view of the Statue of Liberty (with New Jersey behind it) was from the Staten Island Ferry. There are many ferries to various islands in the NYC waters and also numerous sightseeing boat excursions. We recommend them, both for their destinations and the views in transit. During the day or at sunset the views of the city are always rewarding. The respite from the city's intensity is a welcome break - being in the presence of water is so soothing and powerful. The Statue of Liberty is always so inspiring, even to the perpetual cynic. And let us not forget it was a gift from France - thank you!


Kala said...

hiya! love this photo - there is a canoe race sponsored by NYC that goes around this great and symbolic figure of dreams and freedom.

olatz said...

amazing photo!

rosepomme said...

Thank you Gustave Eiffel !

Anonymous said...

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