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Sunday, August 06, 2006


I went out shooting yesterday with my brand new DSLR with a photography enthusiast. We shot up a storm. Our first stop was this enormous, beautifully painted crane. I think the construction workers on site probably thought we were crazy - two guys with "fancy" photo equipment taking pictures of a crane. Click here for a few more photos, including a closeup of the massive counterweights they use. I didn't plan on including any links, but I was intrigued with these monster machines. Some searching brought up links including this company, Cranes, Inc., but no web site links for this particular operation. A little further digging and Voila - they have a great web site. I am really impressed for a local industrial company - check out their very cool site with a Flash intro and photo gallery here (they have been around since 1940 and have done many big jobs including the World Financial Center.) I see many artsy attempts at sites which are not nearly as nice as this small site. Nice job, Cranes, Inc!