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Monday, December 11, 2006


The most distinctive features of the Chrysler Building's exterior are the stainless steel spired crown and gargoyles based on Chrysler automobile ornaments - built from Krupp Enduro KA-2 Nirosta stainless steel. The gargoyles at the 61st Street floor setback depict American eagle hood ornaments. On the 31st floor setback, there are replicas of the radiator caps used in the late 1920s, modeled after the winged helmet of mercury. One of the most striking photographs is of Margaret Bourke-White atop one of the eagle gargoyles. Bourke-White was one of America's most distinguished photojournalists;  there is a tremendous amount of material about her both on and offline - I leave it to you to peruse. The extensive use of metal on the exterior of the building, along with the ornamental references to the automobile, makes the Chrysler Building one of the enduring icons of the machine age...


Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Brian. What camera do you use? I love the rich saturation of colors in these pictures.

I just took a couple photos of the Chrysler Building from the exit door of the Grand Central Market this weekend (with friends visiting from out of town). I could not get the colors right. Everything looked washed out.

And inside GCT, a lot of the pictures didn't come out right either. I have to play around some more with my camera to understand all the features.

Anyway, bravo on the great pictures.

Brian said...

I use a Canon 30D DSLR. Getting good exposures takes some learning - I feel I am just starting.

susan in atlanta said...

So what do you New Yorkers think about the Food Police?

Anonymous said...

Great pics! I have Fuji but i'd love a Canon, don't think they can be beaten.

Dsole said...

Sooooo cool!!!!
Just love all your pics! I can't imagine myself walking along this wonderful and special city... hope my dream comes true someday, but till that day i'll enjoy your photoblog everyday!!
thank u!

Bob de Bievres said...

I love New York, le Chrysler Building est la tour que je préfère et donc i like bien votre blog. New York est la plus belle ville of the world, after Paris... Of Course ! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Good day to everyone