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Saturday, December 09, 2006


We New Yorkers are fortunate to have beautiful and inspiring streetscapes at nearly every turn. This vista is looking north along the Bowery from the Village. Here, we have a nice grouping of NYC landmarks: the Empire State building, of course, on the upper left; to its immediate right is the Metropolitan Life Tower (the subject of a previous post). The 4 glass pyramids are tops of the residential Zeckendorf Towers at Union Square. To the right is the Con Ed tower, headquarters of Consolidated Edison, our NYC utilities provider. The building below (with the flag atop it) is brownstone clad Cooper Union, the art, architecture and engineering college, also subject of a previous post. The city is harsh and most of us do complain - however, sights like these remind us of what we have and remind us not to become too inured or jaded...


Anonymous said...

My best friend lives on 14th east street, close to Union Square, so I remember "in real" these four pyramids!

ruth said...

Yes, there is something about all these buildings reaching up that I connect with. Next to each other they take on human characteristics, each with unique faces and eyes on the city.

Anonymous said...

thx for explaining so detailed.
and i like that building with flag atop.

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Carraol said...

Great picture of those wonderful buildings!