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Thursday, June 07, 2007


Here we have the Park Avenue Malls - a central 2.5 mile long median (broken by cross streets) extending from 46th Street (at the Helmsley Building, 230 Park Avenue) to 96th Street, where the Metro North railroad tracks surface to run above ground (they run under Park Avenue from Grand Central to 96th Street). The Fund for Park Avenue, a private organization, is responsible for the plantings and maintenance of the Park Avenue Malls. In the spring, tulips are planted - these flower along with the cherry trees. In the summer, when the tulips have faded, wax begonias are planted. According to Margaret Ternes, chairman of the Fund for Park Avenue, wax begonias are chosen for their hardiness - their waxy leaves retard pollution and begonias can stand the hot sun - they do not require the type of watering many flowers do, such as impatiens (there is no automatic watering system for the Malls). I was surprised to see a homeless person on the Mall - a rather uncommon and unexpected occurrence. More surprising was to see him cleaning his nails. Many aspire to live on the highly coveted Park Avenue. Some find unconventional ways of getting there, like Joe Ades, gentleman peeler - click here. But,there are necessary conditions for living here, such as wealth and many personal habits which would be highly recommended if one were to associate with high society. I would guess that good grooming is one of them ...


Anonymous said...

A nice photograph and an excellent narrative.

Abraham Lincoln
Remember "The World's Ugliest Cat?" He got a haircut!
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Merisi said...

Nice spot for a make-over, very spa-like. :-)

I do love Park Avenue Mall in the spring, when it's covered with tulips. And the pear treas at 5th Avene, near F.A.O. Schwartz.