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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Book Country

New York is book country - this is not only an accurate metaphor, it was the name of a major street fair which was held annually for several years along Fifth Avenue. New York City is widely perceived as the center of publishing in the United States, home to numerous major publishers of books, newspapers, magazines and electronic media, with all the service providers - editors, literary agents, graphics, advertising etc. We also have a huge number of bookstores with many renowned independents such as The Strand, Gotham Book Mart, Shakespeare & Company, St. Mark's Bookshop, Three Lives & Company, Labyrinth Books and Bluestockings (the book superstore chains have had a serious impact and the number of independents is fast declining. Time will tell whether this trend threatens the American literary future as many predict). Book signings and readings are also a big part of the NYC literary landscape, although signing tours of major authors mean these events are not so unique to New York itself. Last night at the Barnes and Noble superstore at 17th Street on Union Square, John Updike was doing a reading from a new book (Terrorist) with signed copies available. The event was well attended. Updike is a renowned novelist, poet, literary critic, essayist who has won numerous literary awards: PEN/Faulkner Award, National Book Award, National Book Critics Circle Award (twice) and the Pulitzer Prize (twice). His writing credits are many - read about him here ...


Anonymous said...

I neat photo and interesting narrative. The book circuit is one thing I never did. I always sold a lot of books without going through that.

I always enjoy your posts.

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Merisi said...

See and hear John Updike reading, what a treat! He's one of my favorite authors, I have read many of his books, some more than once. I am not sure I will read "The Terrorist", have you?

Brian said...

I have only read one of his Rabbit series.