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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Boy Band

I have not seen such a group of screaming, shrieking teenagers since the Beatles. This was the crowd waiting to see the Jonas Brothers at the Apple store - see additional photo here. I'm sure there have been many groups that have induced such a fervor, but I have not witnessed it personally. 
The Apple store in SoHo has not only become a mecca for their products, they have also been involved in all manner of promotions and presentations. Most of these are product tie-ins of course, but the store has been extremely generous in usage of their facilities. They provide Internet access on their stable of desktops and laptops with no time restrictions. And they have a great theater on the mezzanine with raked, upholstered seating. With air conditioning and bathrooms, u can see why this has not only become an Apple success ... but a second home for many.
With media becoming Apple's central focus, popular tie-ins are easy - what doesn't have an audio or video component? Virtually anything can be tied into an Apple computer presentation using anyone of their numerous software or hardware products.
I do not keep up with popular music, but apparently the Jonas Brothers are huge with the teenage audience and were making an appearance at the shop. The streets were bulging with fans. There were a substantial number of police on hand. I was told that teenies can get wild and out of control with this group.
The Jonas Brothers have tremendous media buzz and a promotion machine behind them. I did briefly examine their website and a YouTube video. I can't say that their music was in the league of rock greats. What we have here is a boy band with a big cute factor :)


Severine said...

Last week some teens waited 3 days outside the Jonas Brothers for their concert in Bryant Park(Good Morning American). You can see a few pictures on my blog here: (sorry the text is in French). It is crazy to wait so long for a concert!

NYJonasFan18 said...

The Jonas Brothers are actually a very talented group and deserve their fame. They were on the cover of ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE.

They write all of their music and play instruments. They aren't a boy band like the 90's where they didn't write their own music.

bp said...

I'm a teenager myself, but I am definitely not one of these Jonas Brothers fans, or whatever you call them. It's getting annoying to see that almost every living teenager is in love with these 3 guys who supposedly have "talent."

Doesn't matter, but I honestly think they're overrated.

And most people write their own material nowadays. Welcome to the 21st century, nyjonasfan18.