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Friday, August 15, 2008

A Turn in the Road

This photoblog has been in existence for nearly 2 1/2 years. In this time it has evolved organically and I believe a unique style has been established with a respectable number of visitors.The daily writing of these postings and the photography behind it have been substantial tasks. And maintaining quality is no small thing either. I have focused exclusively on content and no serious efforts have been made at increasing traffic or monetizing this site.
It is time for a change.
I will be redesigning this website, improving its function and usefulness as a resource. I am looking for someone who would like to assist me in taking this site to the next step - increasing traffic and generating income. What better place to recruit an individual than from readers.?
I considered making this posting more obvious it its mission. But I want a serious individual. If you have gotten this far, then I know you are the type of person who reads and looks below the surface.
I am looking for someone who can put some time in on a daily basis. I have ideas and leads but I also am looking for someone proactive who will also research and implement ideas of their own. At this time, the position is not open ended - we will agree to a specific time commitment and evaluate the results in order to decide if it is fruitful to continue the relationship.
I am not necessarily looking for a professional marketer or someone with a business background - what I am budgeting for this project would preclude that. However, I am looking for someone who is ambitious and has some passion for this website. If you are that person, PLEASE EMAIL ME HERE. Include any background information, experience, ideas or proposals you might have. I'm looking for a passenger in that turn in the road ...


radiosopera said...

hi , what ever you change, don't stop posting your daily beautifull photo's !!! (& storys)

all the best,
cityman piet from rotterdam

khalid said...

the best things in life are free!

exfactor said...

Brian -
I've been a reader for awhile and I attribute you, in part, to my own recent decision to start a daily photo blog. I'm curious what has led you to take this next step and I look forward to continue following your blog on its journey onward.

Anonymous said...

Thank you sooooo much for all your are truely gifted in the art of photography capture the essence and true spirit of New York and beyond what you realize, the
heart of others.
I love New york more than ever.
May God Bless you continued efforts.

Ric..."a fan".

babooshka said...

I am still fairly new to blogging, only a few months but it works out really well for me as a photographer.

As a very curious soul I am intrigued about the next level you want to take the blog to and the taking a passenger on board. Not a concept I've seen before. I would definitley post your proposal on the CDP Forum.

The image sums up the busy blurred world we live in. No time to stand still.

Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Love the photos!

I invite you to check out MEME EXPRESS (on blogspot) . . . for daily blog prompts. Photos, poems, stories, images, and other entries are welcome.


BACK TO SCHOOL, at Nickers and Ink

Michael said...

Best of luck with the project. I've really enjoyed reading your posts for a sometime now and I've started my own DailyPhoto blog partly inspired by this one.

One suggestion, perhaps a lighter background would be nice. My eyes go all funny when reading your posts. In fact I created a greasemonkey script to put it on a white background!

Hyde DP said...

Today I cam here after clicking on a comment you left on my 25th post (as I'm re-tagging old posts and in the process removing totally irrelevant comments).

Blogs evolve and with so many CDPBs we don't get to visit each other quite so often - whatever you do I hope you don't overdo the ads and money-making thingies. I don't know if they work or not but I do find blogs full of widgets very off putting.

Good luck though, whatever you decide.

Ft Worth Daily Photo said...

Awesome pic!

Therese said...

Hoping that it will be kept simple with not too much distraction around the essential: picture and text. But well... I understand Money...

rchrd said...

I'm afraid trying to monetize this kind of effort will be more of a distraction than it is currently.

If you don't or can't go on, then you should just stop rather than try to make it a money-making venture.

And, a lot of us ex-NY'ers would prefer that you didn't stop.

But, I understand the urge to turn the page.

You know, it's ok to just take a break. Go on "vacation" for a couple of months. Then come back with a renewed sense of purpose, and a new set of eyes.

Just my $.02

Ineke said...

like the others, curious about where the next level might take you