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Monday, May 18, 2009

Dance Parade 2009

Saturday was the 3rd annual Dance Parade. Many asked me the reason for the parade - they seemed perplexed. I answered "to celebrate dance." I'm not sure a parade needs more of a reason - perhaps so many are estranged from celebration and unmitigated fun that something of this nature grates against their being.
The parade started at 28th and Broadway and headed south, finishing in Tompkins Square park for the Dancefest from 3-7pm with continuous performances on stage. The other participants did plenty of milling and strutting along with numerous spontaneous performances.
Every imaginable type of dance was represented with broad ethnic diversity. There was Samba, belly dancing, swing, Korean traditional dance, Polynesian, Indian, Nepalese, Afro Latino, Mexican Folkloric, modern, tap, jazz, disco, ballet, plenty of hoop dancers and other creative works. Dance lessons were offered and after parties were thrown around the neighborhood.
The parade itself had many participants who were not really dancers but, true to New York City style, no one was policing or jurying marchers. Only the desire to be involved was required.
I thought one of the most striking ensembles was Shir Dance - see their website here. Four women did two living statue movement pieces - the colors and images were quite striking. You can see more images of them and others in my gallery of parade photos here ...


Nathalie said...

Your top photo is striking but so are many of your other ones. I've just been through your gallery and what a feast for the eyes it was!

Clove Spice said...

How wonderful! Sorry I missed it. You did really well by it.

B Squared said...

What a good idea.

info said...

Nathalie and Clove Spice - thanks.

B Squared - it is a simple and great idea. I need to dance more myself.