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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Warm and Fuzzy

I have very strong memories of school as a child outside the city - carrying books, walking home, erasers with chalk dust, blackboards, recess, homeroom, the cafeteria, homework, lockers, report cards, being called on, tests, passing notes. As I got older there was the familiar sight and sounds of children in playgrounds with the familiar chatter and laughing.
I am sure many children growing up in New York City have many of these experiences, but for those of us without children, the world of children and school is virtually invisible. As I wrote in Mary Celeste (see here), schools and playgrounds do exist, but depending on where one lives and typical daily routines, most will never see them or children at play and even when you do, there is so much competing for your attention that everything is diluted.
So when you see a cardboard box being toted through the streets of NYC, you pay little attention. However, when you see it is being carried by a mother and her young daughter, you take notice. And when it is quiet at night and you hear faint squeaking coming from the box, you run after them because - could this be the sound of live animals?
Yes it was. I found mom and her girl with a box of young chicks - I was told it was part of a school project.
They were quite happy and eager to share their little bundle of joy and offered to let me handle one chick (and grab a couple of quick photos with my point and shoot). I believe this is the first time I actually picked a baby chick up - ironically, on the streets of Manhattan. I'm glad I stopped them. It was a warm and fuzzy experience and a nice way to end the day - a bit of fur now and then is cherished by the wisest men :)

Note: Once in May, 2008, I welcomed an entire school class on a field trip to my business. It was quite an outing - see Little Burnt Out here. There are a number of other posts on children here: Mary Celeste and Heart Warming.


naomid said...

What happens to the chicks when they grow up?

Anonymous said...

aw! baby chicks... heartwarming indeed

info said...

naomid - I guess they become chickens and McNuggets.

Paperclips - they were awfully cute, right up there with kittens.