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Friday, July 22, 2011

See It To Believe It

Most people are too self-conscious or shy to dance publicly, or for that matter, even privately. But it's healthy and on occasion, dancing can be seen on the streets and in the parks of New York City. Dancing's cathartic release is the central theme to a very funny comedy sketch by Dane Cook.
In the following excerpt, a man speaks to his male friends about dance clubs, women and dancing:

We don’t go there to dance. Women go there to dance. They get all ready and in the mirror with their friends.

“I just need to go I just need to dance! I’m serious tonight - no guys! … I’ve had a rough week and I just need to just dance it out! I just wanna stand in a circle around our pocket books and shoes and just DANCE! DANCE!”

You will never ever hear a guy say to one of his buddies - “Mike, Mike Mike ! Just listen buddy tonight bro, I gotta dance dude … I gotta DANCE!”

That is certainly not the case with Zev. I first saw Zev some years ago for the first time while in Union Square, in the midst of a drumming circle. Everyone who has witnessed his vigorous, convulsive style of dancing is stupefied, often just staring in disbelief as he goes on and on, sometimes for HOURS. On the 15th of July, I caught Zev in Washington Square. I took a number of video clips spanning some of his time there. By nighttime, his face was red and flushed. I worried that that the man may suffer a stroke or heart attack. A counterpoint was provided by a woman, an extremely confident dancer who had style and knew how to move.

A mutual friend learned a little about Zev. He was angry and displeased with life. I overheard him assert that Americans are not free. When asked where they were free, he replied, "nowhere."

Watch the short video to get a sample of Zev in action. Keep in mind he often keeps this up for hours. Perhaps there is no worry - his zombie-esque appearance and lack of any signs of pleasure may be a clue that he is no longer alive, only animated. See it to believe it.

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Karen said...

I think I saw him smile there. He must get something out of it or he wouldn't put that much effort into it.

Steffe said...

Never seen anyone dance like that before. Only in New York I guess.

NYC Birthday said...

This is a great post! We've seen that man dancing before, and he doesn't seem to care how hot it is, whether it is raining, or whether people are laughing or joining him. The man just likes to dance.

You have to love Washington Square Park.

Anonymous said...

:)) said...

Wow, wonderful anthropological study!!

time traveler said...

WOW!! Must be something in the air..Might even be related to those nitrogen tanks you once did a story about??