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Thursday, July 21, 2011

You Always Find Something

Some years ago, I was visited by a customer who was quite complementary to the manner in which I ran my business and the quality of my products. He had vocalized this on the internet. I thanked him. It is always heartening to hear complements in a world of high expectations.

Conversation ensued, and I was very surprised to learn that the man was a military helicopter pilot. I have no idea of what it takes to earn such a position, but I was reasonably sure that this must be a highly coveted and competitive job for the very skilled with the right stuff. This was an easy opportunity to return a complement, which I did. He did not deny my observations.

On a subsequent visit, he returned with his girlfriend, also a military helicopter pilot. Wow. Certainly this must be a rarity for a woman in the armed forces. I was awed really and so impressed. What an unique couple.

The man offered to tour me privately around a military installation in Brooklyn, where they were based. But I was forewarned that as a civilian, as much as he would like to, I would not be allowed to fly in a military helicopter. I understood and had expected that.

I told a close friend who was fascinated with military technology about this encounter. I invited him to come along in the event I were to take this man up on his offer and visit the military base. He was ready to go at a moment's notice. I pointed out to my friend however, that we would of course not be able to board or fly in a helicopter. To which he replied, with no equivocation, that it was no problem because even at a dog show, you always find something.

This statement was so poignant - I could not agree more. It was just a restatement of something I had always said - things are not boring, people are boring. It's what you bring to the table or experience.

New York City's table is already filled with a staggering array of goods. But if you really want to mine the gold here, don't just settle for what's already on the table. Take an interest in the cracks and crevices. Talk to strangers, the homeless, and crusties too. Go to The Hole and Dead Horse Bay, where you may sight an egret, like that in today's photo. Explore Far Rockaway, a place few want to visit.  If your lucky, you will meet Walid Soroor in a Jackson Heights restaurant, Mark Birnbaum strolling in his signature cadence, Ferris Butler wandering the streets a bit confused and even André, who, I am sure you will agree, is a bit OUT THERE. In the park, you may sight a Nymph. Come to these pages for ideas and inspiration.

If you're feeling a little bored or perhaps do not have the time to venture far afield, just look at little harder. Bring your attention to the city around you. Investigate how graffiti artists etch glass in the subway or marvel at the chewing gum on the streets. Because even at a dog show, you always find something :)


Steffe said...

I talk to strangers every day. It is in my blood now.

Ken Mac said...

illusions on a trip-le dimple

Upholstery Cleaning said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

well said.

Rosilee said...

I have become a daily reader of your blog and and I would like to add that I love it. Your photos are brilliant and what you write is always very interesting.
Keep clicking your camera and keep writing.
Thanks so much for sharing.

Wedding Themes said...

It is very fresh morning pics !!!
Great job :)

Brodsky said...

What a moving and true post! We New Yorkers are sometimes inured to the great and diverse city we live in, and become blinded to the fact that we live in the most exciting place in the world. Those lucky enough to live in Manhattan Apartments should never lose sight of that fact!