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Friday, February 03, 2012

Joe's Dairy, The Movie, Part 1

On September 16, 2008, I wrote a story about Joe's Dairy, located at 156 Sullivan Street. In this Italian area of the South Village/SoHo, we have Pino's Prime Meats as well as St. Anthony's Church (see here and here), both on Sullivan Street facing Joe's Dairy. Just across Houston Street, there is Raffetto's, Delmonico's, and Tiro a Segno. Trattoria Spaghetto lies just a few short blocks away. These are the final vestiges of the Italian neighborhood - places such as Vesuvio and Zito's Bakery, neighborhood icons, are now closed.

However, the full experience of Joe's Dairy - meeting Vincent and Anthony Campanelli, grandpa staking out the front retail area, and the making of mozzarella cheese in that tiny backroom - is something which only video or film can capture.

I made two additional visits. During the first, on December 15, 2011, I chatted with Vincent and his father. I captured the conversation on video as Vincent shared his views on retailing, the changes in the world, the value of family, and many pearls of wisdom. He is very intolerant of mass merchandising, chain stores - anything not done the old-fashioned way. Joe's Dairy is an example of the Slow Food movement.

Today, I will feature my initial conversation with Vincent and grandpa in the front room. I was invited back to see and film the actual making of mozzarella cheese in the tiny back room kitchen. With Part 2 on Monday...

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Mary P. said...

Across Houston St. from St. Anthony's is FPB (Francois Payard Bakery.) It may not be old, but it sure is good. Try the quiche - either classic Lorraine or vegetable. (I've never tried the sandwiches, but they look good.) The salads are huge and delicious. As are ALL the fancy French pastries. Also the cookies, macrons - the latest fashion - croissants and brioche. Baguettes and other breads are available (and good.) My favorite pastry is the lemon tart. Tart in two senses, shape and taste.
I was planning to let you know about this place, and combining a trip to the butcher, baker and dairy would seem an efficient use of time.
Oh, yes, there is a comfortable cafe, with internet, lots of coffees and teas, cider, soup...

See-TheWorld said...

I like that this dairy is located in the Italian neighborhood :)))

Francesca said...

hi, i'm italian and totally in love with your blog (and NYC too). Beautiful photos, so strange and particular bye Francesca